Thank you to everyone who visited our gardens and attended our events for the 2021 Taranaki Garden Festival.

20. Teikaroa

9 Coast Road, Pungarehu
A traditional fishing and gardening village of Parihaka that fed the kaupapa of peaceful resistance. This whenua was once a busy fishing village with extensive kūmara gardens. Today they continue to grow kai to support their growing whānau and different kaupapa throughout the year. The maara extends onto the reef and awa, the use of seaweed and harakeke is a main feature.

Also In the area:

15. Ōmata School

The Ōmata school orchard began in 2017 & was implemented by the children, staff & community. This previously barren area is now a dynamic & sustainable food forest with fruit trees, berries, vines, veggie beds, support plants and more. Read More >

16. Clover Fields

Sarah & her family aim for low-impact living through their sustainable habits. They rotate their cattle, ewes, chickens and ducks through paddocks and soon-to-be food forest, in a regenerative way. Read More >

18. 65 on 45

Rebecca & Dave have cultivated an oasis of plants, trees, birds and flowers showcasing creativity & sustainability. They enjoy making fruit wine, growing aromatic plants to distill hydrosols, oils & experimental gins. Read More >