Taranaki Garden Festival and Taranaki Arts Trail Official launch 15 July 2021

20. OakuraOrganics

7A Telford Terrace, Oakura, 4314

Sara’s place is a great example of using a small, densely planted area of a property to high food production outcomes, while retaining space for the children to enjoy the backyard. She grows vegetables from organic seed, saved from last years garden wherever possible. Chickens and worm farms are used to recycle kitchen waste and provide nutrient rich compost to build healthy soil.

No food produced from their garden goes to waste, it is either frozen, preserved or shared within the community. bA 12 m2 polytunnel houses OakuraOrganics, supplying organically grown herbs, vegetable seedlings and companion plants to the community. In this Sara uses pots made of biodegradable wood fibres and only uses packaging which can be either re-used or recycled.

Check out the OakuraOrganics Facebook page.

Visit the Taranaki Sustainable Backyards Trail website to for full details on opening times, talks and tours.

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