Taranaki Garden Festival and Taranaki Arts Trail Official launch 15 July 2021

18. Peihana Farm

281 Okoki Rd, Urenui, 4375

Since 2014 Maria and Simon have been developing their 4 hectare property. Their aim is to create multiple revenue streams to support their off-the-grid lifestyle block.

In this, they offer a range of food, gardening or special interest workshops; accommodation for visitors who would like to experience an off-the-grid lifestyle; and a farm shop gallery as an outlet for their fresh produce and creative products.

Peihana Farm boasts a heritage orchard, diverse kitchen garden (medicinal and culinary), market gardens (to supply the weekly Growers & Producers Market in Urenui), riparian & wood fuel plantings and a native wetland. Their shed home is a passive solar design featuring home-grown timbers, Macrocarpa ceilings, an Esse Ironheart wood burning oven with a wetback, a composting Aquatron toilet system and a grey water system that is filtered through beds of wood chip. Animals include Dexter and Jersey cows, calves, pigs, guinea fowl, chickens and bees. Maria has a farm-style pantry to store herbs, seeds, dry goods and food preserving equipment.

Check out the Peihana Farm Facebook page.

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