Thank you to our 2019 gardeners and visitors we are looking forward to seeing you during our 2020 garden festival!

4. Winlea Acre

2 Joll St, Waitara, 4383

An immaculate award-winning open-style garden that boasts a huge lawn with plantings on either side. The amazing variety of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, fruits and vegetables, skilfully planted in this garden provide a wonderful example of what can be achieved in short spaces of time with vision and expertise.

The garden itself is entirely flat, curved beds planted with hellebores, a leucadendron, and hydrangeas border the immaculate and vast lawn.

Other attractions in the garden include the addition of a house conservatory filled with orchids and subtropical plants, and a pergola draped with climbers where you can sit and take in the entire garden bursting with life. Parking for coach and cars, and complimentary tea and coffee available.

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