16. Roebuck Farm

1 Ticket Per Person Refreshments Available Plants & Crafts Sale Restroom Accessibility Disabled Access

312 Hurford Road, Omata, New Plymouth
Jodi Roebuck and Tanya Mercer

Nestled in a valley this picturesque farm is an international beacon for modelling the alliance between sustainable, traditional growing principles and modern innovations. As a thriving bio-intensive market garden and restoration grazing farm, Roebuck Farm focus on growing + locally direct marketing their own produce and regenerating pasture diversity with their stock management .They teach the principles of self-sufficiency through highly interactive on-farm activities based around their agrarian & market garden production cycles.

The garden is open for you self-explore and Jodi will hold tours of his garden 2pm daily throughout the festival.

Open 10:00am – 4:00pm, entry 1 ticket or $5pp 

P  06 7511 019
E  [email protected]