Thank you to our 2019 gardeners and visitors we are looking forward to seeing you during our 2020 garden festival!

Urban Permaculture Walk

with Dee Turner

Take a walk around an urban permaculture garden and food forest with gardener and teacher Dee Turner. See  how soil is built by layering carbon and nitrogen layers from waste materials from the home and garden. Look
at how you can combine fruit trees, fruiting crops, perennials, root crops, bulbs and climbers into an enhanced foodscape that feeds itself. Dee has done away with the conventional orchard and mowing, and instead grows plant guilds around her fruit trees to feed them, keep away the bugs, and obtain a yield all at the same time. Herb and edible groundcovers grow where grass once was, and annuals self-seed every season along with alpine strawberries. There’s always food to harvest all year round with minimal weeding and pruning – a great solution for a busy lifestyle.