Roebuck Farm Tour

A walk with Jodi Roebuck

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Join Jodi for a daily tour around Roebuck Farm, a thriving market garden and restoration grazing property at Omata.

You’ll see the production of fast-growing salad greens, including microgreens, and how they are harvested using small innovative tools and cleaned in a new wash room.

Alongside the plants, the land is home to 50 Texel /Cheviot sheep, used to thicken and improve the pastures through timed grazing. There will be lambs frolicking about during festival time, so bring your children to see them.

An educator and avid learner, Jodi has been inspired on his travels by a couple of “rock star” market gardeners from Canada, Curtis Stone from Kelowna and Jean-Martin Fortier from Quebec. The dedicated seed keeper says the focus of the farm has greatly changed – and there’s a new driveway. “Anyone who’s seen the farm in the past, will not recognise it.”

Date/time Daily at 2pm
Venue Roebuck Farm, 312 Hurford Rd, New Plymouth
Admission Free event, usual garden fee applies ($5pp)