Thank you to our 2019 gardeners and visitors we are looking forward to seeing you during our 2020 garden festival!

Market Farm Tour

with Jodi Roebuck & Tanya Mercer

Jodi Roebuck, owner of Roebuck Farm, is a renowned biointensive gardening educator and restoration grazing consultant. This year Jodi will celebrate his 20th year growing and selecting heritage vegetable seed and the expansion of his thriving sustainable market garden and restoration grazing property at Omata.

Join Jodi for a tour around the award-winning Roebuck Farm. See first-hand the production of fast-growing salad greens, including microgreens, and how they are harvested using small innovative tools and produce is cleaned in a purpose-built wash room.

Jodi drew inspiration from a couple of “rock star” market gardeners from Canada, whose principles are extremely close to his own. Curtis Stone from Kelowna and Jean-Martin Fortier from Quebec, grow intensively and sustainably in permanent beds, on a small scale, which produce nutrient-dense food.

Alongside the plants, the land is home to 50 Texel / Cheviot sheep, used to thicken and improve the pastures through timed grazing. There will be lambs frolicking about during festival time, so bring your children to see them.