Thank you to our 2019 gardeners and visitors we are looking forward to seeing you during our 2020 garden festival!

Plant Propagation Tips and Tricks

with Jenny Oakley Tips and Tricks

Festival veteran Jenny Oakley is one of the few gardeners who have entered gardens into the festival for the full 32 years. In 2005, Oakley Garden became a Garden of National Significance. Jenny has a Bachelor of Amenity Horticulture, and has accomplished a good deal of commercial garden design and maintenance in her career. A Trustee of the New Zealand Gardens Trust and also on the garden assessment team for the festival, Jenny does regular speaking events around the region sharing her knowledge and love of gardening.

Join Jenny in her garden for a talk on propagating plants. Take some time to pick up great tips on how to take cuttings from perennials and roses, watch Jenny demonstrate how to divide plants for an easy and inexpensive way to get new plants from the ones you already have.