Taranaki Garden Festival

Discover Taranaki - Kereru Painting Workshop

Jayeta loves painting and teaching! 

About half of the students who come to her workshops are raw beginners, and that’s absolutely fine!  She plans workshops so that you practise all the skills you’ll need in the morning (on paper!)

By the time you get to painting your own ‘Kereru’ on the canvas board you’ll know that you can draw/paint each element, so the intimidation of a blank canvas evaporates. If you get stuck, Jayeta is there to help! Jayeta has many painting tricks and ‘rescue remedies’ so no disaster is beyond repair!

As a trained teacher who has been teaching in schools and in her studio for years, she knows what a beginner or intermediate artist can achieve in one day! Her approach is STEP-BY-STEP, so you won’t feel discombobulated in her workshops! All materials are supplied.  Just bring your lunch and please wear old clothes! 

The workshop starts at 9.00 am and most people will finish their painting by 4.00pm. But please allow another hour just in case you need it to finish your painting. Jayeta always stays on until 5.00pm for anyone who needs a bit of extra time to complete their masterpiece.

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