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Oct 11, 2016

Hegley Garden, Chris and Jennes Hegley

Garden Profile: Chris and Jenness Hegley, Hegley Garden


1.What is your must-have plant in the garden?

The kowhai trees which attract tui, kereru and fantails along with the gorgeous sounds they produce.


2.How do you keep your garden looking fresh?

By regular hand weeding and lawn care, coupled with annuals and bulb planting


3.Tell us about a magical moment in the garden?

Our experiences are more ones of satisfaction and pleasure, rather than magical – especially when we are able to make our own apricot and plum jam, we are able to eat our own produce, or even the propagation of gold fish in our own back yard.


4.What is your favourite garden tool?

Our petrol-powered lawn edger, which gives the lawn that final clean-cut look.


5.Best gardening tip?

Have three compost bins, which allows for binning, turning and using of compost on a consistent basis.


6.Describe how you feel when you're gardening.

Relaxed, stress free and with a clear, uncluttered mind allowing for the sounds of nature to take over.


7.How did you get into gardening?

Through parental enthusiasm and being fortunate enough to purchase a section which enables one to consistently garden in a relaxing environment.


8.Where do your garden ideas stem from?

Three areas: Parental influence, overseas travel amongst the world’s best and personal choice.


9.Why do you garden?

For pleasure, for relaxation, for the produce we can grow and for the personal pride that comes from developing a worthwhile setting in which we live.


10.Briefly describe your garden.

A relaxing area of colour developed through mixed plantings, native and deciduous trees and shrubs, and interesting features confined within split stone terracing and crazy paving footpaths.