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Sep 22, 2016

Phyllis Malcolm, Lockinge

Garden profile: Phyllis Malcolm, Lockinge, Kapuni


1. What is your must-have plant in the garden?



2. How do you keep your garden looking fresh?

By changing things around. Adding new plants, pots, etc, but still keeping the structure.


3. Tell us about a magical moment in the garden?

When we went to Inglewood to get a pair of black swans for the lake in the garden, they looked so graceful in their new home.


4. What is your favourite garden tool?



5. Best gardening tip?

Feed your soil, especially in the spring, and it will reward you with flowers and lush foliage. I like to use Nitrophoska Blue fertiliser, and old silage. 


6. Describe how you feel when you're gardening.

I get into a world of my own, lots of time to relax and think.


7. How did you get into gardening?

As a child I have always liked flowers, dreamed in my thirties I could have a garden like Gwyn Masters, not thinking it would ever be possible.


8. Where do your garden ideas stem from?

I have always liked to be creative, and ideas usually stem from plant foliage, forms, textures, sometimes an old farm relic will give me an idea,


9. Why do you garden?

I just like the outdoors and to see how nature is changing the garden over the seasons.


10. Briefly describe your garden

A peaceful, woodland garden. Mature trees surrounding a natural flowing lake, where birds just love to sing.