Powerco Taranaki Garden Spectacular

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Sep 13, 2016

Maria van der Poel, the Van Der Poel Garden

Garden profile: Maria van der Poel, the Van Der Poel Garden, Warea


1. What is your must-have plant in the garden?

Lemon tree. 


2. How do you keep your garden looking fresh?

Lots of deadheading and trimming. 


3. Tell us about a magical moment in the garden?

Springtime is magical. And a friend’s wedding in the garden. 


4. What is your favourite garden tool?

Niwashi. Best tool ever. 


5. Best gardening tip?

Don't close yourself in. Make sure you can see your garden from inside. 


6. Describe how you feel when you're gardening.

I love to garden because I can just get away from everything. To be as creative as I can. 


7. How did you get into gardening?

I was not always a fan, having to do my parents garden sometimes as a kid, I used to think it was horrible. But I'm sure that instilled the love of being outdoors. And eventually the love of gardening. 


8.  Where do your garden ideas stem from?

My ideas comes from trying colours and providing food. 


9.  Why do you garden?

Because I love it. 


10. Briefly describe your garden.

A large, quiet country garden that provides lots of fruit and vegetables.